Gathered in this hellish pit my domain
This world of sin, rebels dome
Rebels raving with violent rage
Marching at the dawn of no return

Rebels sworn to darkness
Praise the beast
Revenge is ours

Arena of hatred, torment and bliss
Blasphemous sinister feast
Heretics screaming in bestial lust
Terror strikes and victims fall

Rebels dome
My domain
Rebels dome

Rebels feasting to praise the beast
The wasteland roars, to vengeance sworn
Explosion of chaos, death is up hand
Extirpete enemies from our dome

Rebels sworn to darkness
Praise the beast
Revenge is ours

Rebels dome

Anger rise, raptures pain, praise the beast
Burn in bliss, the abyss roars, rebels feast

Rebels dome
My domain
Rebels dome

Gathered to burn
Burn in my domain

Rebels dome
My domain
Rebels dome

"Cross the Styx"
Rise into the elder world
The burning purgatory
Deadly cosmic terror
The lowest depths of hell

I signed the book of blood
By will - now that's a fact
Marked by the numbers
Of predominance
Lead me to the path of perfect celebration
I've been reborn in a world of consumption

Arisen in blasphemy
Mutilation I need
Consume souls eternally
For my torment they will bleed

Realm of darkthrone
Netherworld of doom
Cruel horned spirits
Everlasting ghouls

Flowen from the dephts
Dark horned mutations
Million tied up souls
Infernal slaves of manipulation

Cross the Styx

I call on thee
Blind idiot god of chaos
Goat with a thousand young
God of perfection
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Rebels Dome Lyrics

Sinister – Rebels Dome Lyrics

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