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Web Lyrics

Single Mothers – Web Lyrics

A degree of calm
Over the shoulder
The whole thing will crumble
Before this is over
Unstably glazed
And backed in a corner
Love yourself first
Only in that order

A light touch of your palm
Glassy and iced and steady
Slightly more withdrawn
Statuesque and heavy

The integrity of
A web of lies
Starts to fail
When spread out to wide
A reference point too bold to hide
With a creature of habit
Destruction can shine

Your perfect timing got inside me
Like a germ that I took pride in
Just help me figure
This out
Were we better off then
Or are we better off now?

Why so many questions?
Just flow and don’t over think it
Life is worth all the attention
You can possibly give it
Lend your self the distinction
Work to live don’t work to die
Harness all that energy
And give yourself some time

They got the boy with the Arab strap playing in the back
And the cat looking at the door like she’d rather be anywhere else And somewhere in that soup of lackluster independence
I realized I lost good deal of myself to you

The integrity of a web of lies
Starts to fail when it’s spread too wide
There’s a reference point
Too bold to hide
With a creature of habit
Destruction can shine

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