Didn't they used to say we're ordinary
Didn't we take it as that and put ourselves down
Don't we all don't we all think it's necessary
To prove to them that we'll be
We'll be someone someday

Aren't you tired so very tired of waiting
For something else, someone else to give us a hand
Pick yourself up, pick yourself up, get ready
We'll go make a difference
We'll be someone someday

That's right, we'll make you proud of us, you and me
That means, that we should be happy, let it come to us naturally

Look around, look around us weren't there many
Who patronised, contradict us and pushed us aside
Recognise, realise, start believing
Sure there'll be some despair
But don't let yourself fall

( Repeat Chorus )
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Someone Someday Lyrics

Singapore National – Someone Someday Lyrics