Intro 8 bars
Well crack of dawn i’m workin’ 5 to nine
Jugglin’ time to buy my gear.
My bills keep pilin’ up like leaves in my yard,
And they repo’d my truck last year
The power’s cut off but I don’t give a damn,
Since I heat with my overdues
Cause as long as I can stand on that open stage,
You won’t hear me cryin’ the blues

Repeat intro 8 bars

Well out in that shed behind my trailer home
Sits a shrine to my rockin’ past
And in that magic bus folk treasures unfold
But i’ll show you if you’ll ask
But if you stop come in have a beer or three
We’ll be partyin’ up all night
Jammin’ and a singin’ and playin’ guitars
Gettin’ ready for open mic

Cuz I live for open mic; when the band brings me up on stage
I live for sunday night;
When the band is a groovin’ and i’m playin’ and singin’
The crowd is roarin’ and my solo’s ringin’
Nothin’ can compare to the joy that it’s bringin’
I’m a weekend warrior

Bridge to intro and verse one
To chorus (repeat)

I’m a weekend warrior
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Weekend Warrior Lyrics

Silvermane Wesleyjohn – Weekend Warrior Lyrics

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