There was a man I knew in the southwest
He always wore a big hat and a tie
He told me once "My soul would know no rest"
"I feel there's like a shadow in my life"
"Of all the things I won't do before I die"

There is a girl I know here in the city
She works at a coffee bar downtown
One time she drank too much and told me, "I feel so empty"
"I'm only twenty-two and beaten down"
"And I don't know how long I'll be seeing you around"

I look right in the mirror and see a face
So different from what it used to be
Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up thinking
If there's a sense at all in what we do
And then I think that all that sense is you

I saw you a thousand times in my own dreams
I know your smile and the color of your skin
I's maybe born with a silver spoon
But with all the wealth and powers that I've got
All I can do is kiss you with this song
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Silver Spoon Lyrics

Silver Spoon – Silver Spoon Lyrics