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Playa Playa Lyrics

Silkk The Shocker – Playa Playa Lyrics

Yeah, like that, Diesel, Yeah, Yeah

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
If you don't give a fuck, then we don't give a fuck (PLAYA PLAYA)
You better hush nigga keep your mouth shut (PLAYA PLAYA)
Cause we could talk or we can test some shit up (PLAYA PLAYA)
Whatchu represent, then throw your shit up (PLAYA PLAYA)

I look at fucking with, but you tryin to be so tough
Tellin me about your past, I'm like and nigga so what?
I come through in the new P Miller jumpoffs, no socks on
New coupe, fuck the sunroof, nigga the whole top gone
flows trying to plot arm, I tell every nigga
Once I block off my waist, my shots off like I was Reggie Miller
And if you don't see it, just give me a second
I pull that thing out quick like a chick you with, "you ain't trying to get me pregnant"
See I'm way too inpatient for being a lifer
But I'm far too skinny to fight ya
And I figure, look why would I send a cap and try to mike tyson
When I could wayne gretsky, come through and just ice ya
See there's a time to duke and a time to talk
I'm sure your a cool dude but your problem is your timing is off
I don't have to come with the click and I don't want to box you
I'd rather just box you in and just be done with the shit, bitch


I'd probably merk you, I mean whichever ones worse
Shop on the floor of explorers, whichever one come first
And I know they mad, why wouldn't they be pissed off
When the Testarossa looks like its bout to lift off
And since I'm sittin here, telling you about the roaster
Its only right I tell you them thangs pop off like toasters
And once I let 'em fly, I got the dealer
No matter who I talk, He'll talk 'em down in five
My fam, I do those guys
No problem I'm young, I can do those flies
We gonna have my boy West have to book me a flight
I have my brother in law M Beezy doing some tricks on a bike
See I live good, so I ain't trying to stress fuck
But I like died for these things, you best best to duck
So when you come, make sure you bring your best stuff
Cause if not I'll give your family a good reason to have to dress up

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