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Silent Planet – REDIVIDEЯ Lyrics

"I am autonomous," You told Father
First immortal, but now fleeting
All creation reveals me about this said time, called death, cursed the reverse
All we bought was brokenness -
That shelter of illusion

You see me see You splitting myself even
There is me, forgiving nothing, manic then depressive - hopelessly sinking
Sister Moon, Brother Sun eclipsed one another, forgiving one another

Tides receding

Death ran away then life flooded in world
This I am: Imbalanced, beautifully so
Hands connected, perhaps...
Then dead reflections saw You
I did, didn't I?
I didn't, did I?
You saw reflections dead then
Perhaps, connected hands...
So beautifully Imbalanced: Am I this world?
In flooded life then away ran Death

Receding tides

Another one forgiving, another one eclipsed, Sun Brother, Moon Sister
Sinking helplessly - depressive then manic, nothing forgiving me is there even myself, splitting? You see me see You

Illusion of shelter: That brokenness was bought, "we all reverse the cursed death called time," said this about me
Reveals creation, all - fleeting, now, but immortal
First Father told you, "Autonomous am I."
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