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First Father Lyrics

Silent Planet – First Father Lyrics

[Verse 1: Garrett Russell]
Do you remember when I said
You'd never feel the sting of death? [01]
But now I’m waiting where you left
Beside that snow-kissed clearing [02]
I pressed a seed through that frozen fleece
The earth embraced you in the ground
No invention of my mind
Will ever compose a melody so profound
I’m a priest afraid to pray [03]
Terrified at what the silence couldn't say
Tongue tethered to the skeptic beating in my chest

[Pre-Chorus: Garrett Russell]
We're no longer quite ourselves
Nor reflections of someone else
Lover, do you feel that tension
As we drift between silence and eternity?

[Chorus: Garrett Russell]
Death is the road, road to awe [04]
I stood atop the world
Its asymmetry laid bare in front of me:
Thanatophobic societies taking life to mourn their tragedies

[Verse 2: Garrett Russell]
I feared this world would never change
But you steady your resolve anyway
Let's set the pen against the sword [05]
How orphans long for peace before they learn to love the war
Perhaps it's our language [06]
Perhaps we are incomplete
Words like shadows to what we see
Faint flickerings across the cavern in our minds [07]

[Bridge: Thomas Freckleton]
Candles in the dark [08]
Defiant to the night

[Bridge: Garrett Russell]
"You pulled me through time" [09]
Through the edgeless night [10]
I learned to love as you learned to die
I'll begin to feel again and finish the chapter you couldn’t write

[Outro: Thomas Freckleton and Garrett Russell]
Candles in the dark
Defiant to the night, defiant to the shadow
You pull me through time, through the edgeless night
I learned to love as you learned to die [11]
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