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Dollar Interlude Lyrics

Silas – Dollar Interlude Lyrics

[Verse 1: Silas]
If I had a dollar for every lie that's been told to me
I'd probably have a couple million providence just right overseas
iPhone blowing up like when you gonna show up
We waiting on a project, your boy's tryna grow up
I'm 21 living in the world, my mind is different
Move all in silence, my family calls me Silas
I wonder what happened to Buddy, knuckles been so bloody
Really can't hold it in, always tryna flow within
People always talking bout the shit that I be owing them
Tell the truth I don't owe nobody for nothing
You fuckers always blowing me, the realest always showing me
Like momma used to say "Boy, money doesn't grow on trees"
Cut 'em down, shut 'em down, rob and run around
Looking back at all the crazy shit that we had did
I forgive motherfucker, let me live motherfucker
Show your colors, yes true colors and let this boy live

[Verse 2: John Lindahl]
Let this boy live
No I ain't gon' [?] for nothing
Let this boy live
Tell anyone you want [?]
I need some time alone
Don't know where I will go
I don't know
I don't know

[Outro: John Lindahl]
Yeah, ah, alright, yeah
Hey, hey
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