Let this toxin fill your veins, feel the pain of 1000 canes.
Injecting kcl through the day, how can you still remain? Now,
Another dose inside, and hope you will finally die. And so
He is laid to rest, get another one, ahead with this test.

Ahead with this test!

This is my own twisted game of playing God, except
I'm the one who's shedding your blood.
No more crucifixion, no more resurrection,
Time to get back everything that is given to you.

I need another specimen, get rid of those who are now rotten.
Now fasten straps on him and we'll get grim on him.
Would someone, please, gag him? Can't stand that screaming... Thank you.
Test number nine, this will hurt a bit in your spine.

[solo: Iiris]

[solo: Miikka]

Ahead with this test!

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Test #9 Lyrics

Siknis – Test #9 Lyrics

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