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Embedded In Fear Lyrics

Signs Of The Swarm – Embedded In Fear Lyrics

A deep numbness has completely overwhelmed this beaten carcass
Heaviness weighs down on fractured bones, fractured thoughts
Severe insomnia teasing at every negativity
Neglecting past trauma with a darkened reality
Masking sickness with unimaginable torture
The horrible thoughts that I perceive
Mutilate what's around me
I cleanse in the annihilation
I cleanse in the annihilation
Nervousness and uncertainty
Worriment and misery
Scrape at the inside of my head
And carve endless images of damnation
In my mind
Will I ever be at ease
All I want is a fucking mind at peace
The tremors keep me awake at night
I'm losing any sign of light
A feeling of surrender
My body goes numb and my vision expires
Slipping into oblivion in panic
Will forever be embedded in my haunted memory

Completely lost in the darkest state of hysteria and helplessness
The world vividly crumbles around me
The walls caving in make the hallucinations extremely violent
I am learning but not accepting that this is where cross over
Am I answered or just an empty shell of nothingness
Oh higher power, give this a purpose
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