It doesn't matter what I do
It doesn't matter what they say
Cause everything I see around me
Reminds me of the day you went away

If I tell my friends that I'm alright
It doesn't mean that I don't cry late at night
I know that at the end of every tunnel
There's a ray of hope, a guiding light
But, baby, for tonight I think I'll

Die just a little
Cry some more
Trying to remember how it was before
Let me die just a little
I'll be fine
Soon as I can get you off my mind

Soon as I can get you off my mind

It's been more than just a while
But I don't seem to feel the need to smile
What's the point when the only thing that matters to me just walks away?
How can you just walk away?
Give me one more day I need to


I'm not sure how this will go
But loving you is all I know
Maybe there's a chance to find a way to love again
Maybe until then (2x)

(Chorus 2x)

(Soon as I can get you off my mind)
Soon as I can get you off my mind (2x)
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Die Just A Little Lyrics

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