This is the harmony derived from symphonies that I do believe and this is all
That I have
I'm falling further from what I have truly become bathe in the morning sun and
Call ever so quietly through the breeze silently for the rain to fall and wash
Away us all evaporate the remains and crawl deeper inside ourselves one in the

Black as your new sun visions emotion sink into your gun as it breeds
Sick devotion and when you finally do fall the pavement will meet you blood
Splattering earth shattering teeth chattering your so fucking flattering this
Is the horrific dark hole we find I lay sedated as time does unwind god bless
Your sweet heart as those eyes look in mine they slowly roll back know this
Shades undefined


All the way drifting further through this day I do know have one thought and it
Is everything and nothing all in one so step up or step off I got a reason to
Fulfill this prophecy this rhythm is in my blood in lives in what I see I see
The color refracted by the prism hidden in your reflection but in further
Inspection reality is buried under statistics beneath the ballistics and I hope
You can hear this cause intertwining is a phrase that is defining black as your
New sun that is so darkly shining so look away the shadows dance and they got
Nothing to say no need to pray this is the color of shades and all my disarray

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Cracks In The Pavement Lyrics

(SIC)Monic – Cracks In The Pavement Lyrics