Time goes by so fast, One last breath is all I have, The people come, They fade, I try so hard to shape these words I cannot formulate.

Chorus: It's hard enough to breathe, Harder enough to fall, And I'll be sitting on your backporch, Trying to figure out who you are, Made in a factory of simple parts, I know better, You know better, I'm no better.

And when we dance, We dance alone, Follow suit you're my crystal ball, The people come, They fade, Let's clear the dance floor and dance the night away, Disco Lemonade.


It's what you say, say x5 who you are, I know heads will fall apart, And words transcribed into your heart, In ways, ways, ways, ways, I can't complain, Now take these words I cannot formulate.

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Simple Parts Lyrics

Sick Of Sarah – Simple Parts Lyrics