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What To Do Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – What To Do Lyrics

Ahhh streetside is younging
They came from nothing
They can't fuck if they not in shit
Fuck you haters
It's now Glizzly gang always making paper
Or never

When it come to money I know what to do [chi ching]
Ask these dirty bitches I know what to do [ow]
When it come to beefing I know what to do [pow pow pow]
Ma bitch talking bout leaving then I don't know what to do
When it comes to the dog game I know what to do
These niggas know ma name cause I know what to do
The reason I be stunting cause I know what to do
These niggas ain't got nothing I don't know what to do

[Verse 1:]
I got a medusa for ma shirt and ma shoes [madusa]
Hey Mr. Glizzly i'm riding with you
They let me in the game and ima show em what to do [oh yeah]
First thing ima do is cop that new Bentley coupe
It's that talk that shit oh yeah i'm a fool
I'm in another niggahood I got on ma jewels
You go against the Glizzly gang you know you gonn lose [yow yow]
When we coming through we make your bitch ass move [move it]
Telling hoes your business that's a bitch ass move
Stop looking up to rappers when they look upto you
He gone with 31 come back and get 62
You better keep your gun in case they run upon you [pow pow pow pow]


[Verse 2:]
I'm thinking bout ma baby girl I call her momoo [momoo]
We used to catch the train just to get to the store
She say her heart's bruise and a feel like a fool
Catch her with another dude am flattening her and it too
The police tryna snatch me up they gone [?]
Act all in ma cup she make me act up
Don't want niggas around me who ain't strapped up
Acting strange around me get you clapped up
Rolie on ma arm it cost me brick fifty
All white all white [?] flip
Appreciate ma fans I was on welfare
Young and hustling i'm the man they be like hell yeah


Heey heey [x2]

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