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OG Call (Skit) Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – OG Call (Skit) Lyrics

Wassup, Glizzy bro?
This ya boy C-Murder, bro
I’m just checkin in with ya, ya heard me?
Cause I fuck with ya, that’s how we do it
True shit, man
You a part of TRU, ya heard me?
I’m kinda fucked up in the head though, bro
Hearing ‘bout these streets out there
And how fake shit is, bro
Streets suspect right now
And you know how I know that?
Because them fake niggas that saying they real, and they get caught
They come to the fuckin’ jail, to the penitentiary
And they break
They turn on they freinds, they turn on they momma
They turn on any mufucker that's on a charge with them
If it’s ya fall partner, you gonna fall partner
You rats
You in the streets, you thuggin’, you killin’, you murderin’, you slingin’ dope
Then when the mufucking shit hit the fan, you rat
That’s fake, bro
I can’t respect that, I hate that
With a passion, ya heard me?
That’s what it is
I see this world of full of chaos right now, bro
It need a leader, it need guidance
That’s what this TRU shit gonna do
And that’s what you gonna do
And that’s what we do, bro
I fuck with ya, ya heard me?
Ain’t no soft niggas around here
It’s gudda, ain’t nothin’ change
Birdman in the building, T-R-U till they bury me
Feel me?
Let’s make these millions
Let’s live real
Haters die
TRU niggas ride
That's how we accomplish it
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