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Fxck Rap Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Fxck Rap Lyrics

I'm off the molly
Official street nigga

I never been a broke Nigga
I sold weed I sold coke Nigga
That pistol was my only hope Nigga
I'm not a rapper I'mma street pope Nigga
I know how to hustle so fuck rap
I know how to rob so fuck rap
I might not ever get a deal so fuck rap
I'm just tryna keep it real fuck rap

[Verse 1: Shy Glizzy]
These niggas don't keep it real
These niggas ain't street forreal
I shoot, I kill, do you know how many times I almost got killed?
My insides are ill
They don't know how I feel
My whole hood struggling either help or keep your deal
I keep a pistol beside me
I wish a Nigga would try me
It was a Nigga that tried me
Now he in the sky rest in peace
I be off that molly
Nurse can't find my IVY
Don't move without my choppa
I swear we should have been Siamese
These niggas pussies alley boy voice
I'mma big dog but I gotta lil voice (so)
Eazy did it
And boosie did it
So glizzy gon do it
We the fuckin realest


[Verse 2: Shy Glizzy]
If this shit don't work then I might have to rob you
Got a gun that sounds like a motorcycle don't make me pull the throttle
You ain't never seen your uncle put cocaine in his nostrils
Streets hottest youngin Motherfuck the fire Marshall
Out here goin ham
My man done killed my man
Might have to kill my other man if he tell on my man
MY crush became a groupie
Haters became fans
Naww they wasn't sleeping on me they was just on the zan
Blogs don't post my shit
It's too real dot com
Authentic and I'm named after a firearm (glizzy)
I'm bout to blow bin lauden gave me a rap bomb
Forever tre seven
I put that on my arms


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