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Call From Cannon Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Call From Cannon Lyrics

Im feeling down today
I got this motherfucking 60 piece
I ain't feeling good today
You hear me?

Aye, tell them how you was getting that money from a young nigga to how old you is now

Oh I been making it rain since '98


I been making it rain since '98 before you even ever heard of "Make it Rain" song I was making it rain
You hear me?
Niggas ain't never say no shit like that
I been making it rain since I was like 8 years old
Im like one of the first young niggas that ever been like 6 or 7 years old like really outside
Niggas couldn't even come outside
You would get your ass whooped, you came outside that early
You heard me?
I ain't jump off the porch
I was born off the porch
You hear me?
Soon as I was born my mother had the rocker outside
You hear me?
She bought that motherfucker straight off the porch
Ain't nobody have to bring me out
I was already coming out
Shitty pamper and all
You heard me?
Im outside
I ain't hiding
You hear me?
Niggas know man, niggas know whats up with me though
I ain't got to say too much
If they want to find out about me all you got to go is go to "Anthony T. Cannon"
You hear me?


Google me
Its going to tell you all about me
You heard me?


The realest
The real
Yeah, niggas talk that fly shit
"Yeah we going to do this and that!"
Youtube gangsters
You got AT&T gangsters
You got Virgin Mobile gangsters
You got Boost Mobile gangsters
You got T-Mobile Gangsters
You got Sprint gangsters
You hear me?
You got all type of gangsters man
You got social media gangsters
You got Facebook gangsters
You got Twitter gangsters
And you also got Instagram gangsters

Niggas ain't trying to do nothing but argue over one of them too
Nigga ain't trying to argue in person cause he know we going to batter that face in
You hear me?
I ain't lying
Y'all go to tell them bitches out there listen
Its a special going on
Soon as it warm up we going to have a special
You hear me?
Its going to be a cookout
We ain't giving out nothing but dick and potato wedges
You heard me?

You heard me?
First thing on the menu
If you don't look too good you ain't getting potato wedges
You get regular curly fries
You heard me?
Seasoned and all
Real, man
You ain't getting nothing else
You heard me?


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