Yo... Ya man...
What you talking about?
You not going to the party?
Well I'm going to make you
Come to the partay! (Can't you... Can't you...)
Shut up! Or I'll make you...

Now come to the party
Watch the boom box
Mix Media Slang
Lyric Stealers...
Red Roses

[Singing Slowly]
To the Party
Please... Please...

Or I'll Make You!
I could just strangle your throat
Just because you ain't coming

Just choose between life and death

There's a party going on! (Yeah Yeah)
Lotta peoples gonna be there! (Yeah Yeah)
But you ain't coming!
How could you? (You stupid idiot!!!!)

So man...
You want to die
I guess you've
Made your choice
But I'm going to try
To make you come.

Gonna make you!
Gonna make you!
Gonna make you come
To the party
Gonna make you! (Make You, Make You)
Gonna make you come! (Make you!)
Make you come to the party
You can't miss it

Just turn the corner at the

I'm gonna make you!
Gonna make you!
Or I'll make you shut
Up forever!
Just make you... (shut up, shut up)
Shut up when I'm talking to you!
Now I'm gonna make you
Gonna Make You
Gonna Make you
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! (Yeah Yeah)

Gonna make you shut up forever!
Just come to the party!!!! Yeah!!!!

Thanks man, I knew you'd
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You Gotta Come To The Party Or I'll Make You (Gonn Lyrics

Shut Up And Dance – You Gotta Come To The Party Or I'll Make You (Gonn Lyrics