Ooh you wear your he-harem hat and a lace bib that zips up the back To
Be an
'n' on a leash of men an endless spool of fools lick of patchwork in
Your new
Suit. See the stone moths that sweep up And your suitcase ful of new
Made of manskins and the souls that pop out. Ooh you wear your he-harem
And a real dick boa wrapped around your throat To be an 'x' in sexless
Bead on a spool of jewels cold backup for your crown, Queen. There's a
Ful of old robes And the seamster is a stone moth made of real hearts
And the
Souls you done stole. Ooh you wear your he-harem dress and fake lashes
Lap up
The mess that grows like breath within your wake coin-toss a glance back
At the
Road of men you paved, dear
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She Swears He-Harem Lyrics

Shudder To Think – She Swears He-Harem Lyrics