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Dehydration Lyrics

Show Me The Body – Dehydration Lyrics

I went south, never been back
Mailed you my entrails in a FedEx plastic sack
There I found my liver dehydration
I began to shiver
So I drank until I drank until I
I was turned away fro the fiddler’s inn
So I found a thunderstorm
I climbed a tree this is where I begin
I don’t get diseases I get myself
I keep all my pieces on my back shelf
I’ve been gone for too long
My primal being I’m a homo rapius
I try to be conscientious
but I hurt myself all the time
I roll my jeans up to my knees
I cross the creek salvation in front of me
but death is all I see

I’m still lookin’
You’re still bookin’

I’m still pushin’
She’s still lookin’

I’m still lookin’
You’re still bookin’
She’s still pushin’
I’m still pushin’

I’m still bookin’
You’re still lookin’
And I’m still

Someday I’ll find a place to live
Where the ground has some give
Take these thorns out of my skin for a bit
They scream women and meat and more find piff
It’s not in my head
It’s in the acid in my disk
I smile to the night when its dark
And im out of sight
Oh I stumble around
Better find a place to piss
Im back to where I’ve been
and I can see the mess I’m in
I find a thunderstorm I climb a tree  
This is where I begin

Salvation in front of me
but death is all I see
I tried to breath it out of me
But is got stuck in my teeth

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