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Aspirin Lyrics

Show Me The Body – Aspirin Lyrics

[Verse 1]
In pain, ask for aspirin
That’s drywall, they’ll come back again
Homemade product, part of them
When I really pass out, nothing but I promise the ‘tonin
Live again, broken, homies telling me to open
I’m like yo, who are them, how’d they get inside my blood
I’m tryna be like how I was, surrounded like the RX
How could fucks covet this, especially when they get at mine?

[Verse 2]
Keep ya still pilled up, fuck it’s another drill, another deal
Another kill, degradation of the kidney wheel
Eyes closed, shit is sealed, sterile, make me heal
Read again, see the bet stacked against ya life
New cause to money death, get ya knuckles right
The lie is in-between your eyes, they dressed ya up in bottle white
No more need for razorblades, I take the pain away

[Verse 3]
Believe me I can’t body impounded, but that’s where I found it
Ascetic, this prophylactic, balance me, rot me, quixotic
Cause I look clean, you make me sick
Fuck, come crush me up, crush me up and take a sniff
Life broken at the hip, do a flip, do a split
Fit yourself or have a fit, I really got the tightest SWAT
Gasoline, take a sip, keep drinking, never stop
This pain is just a pop away

[Verse 4]
I’m surrounded like the RX up to the neck
Tell me to step back, I’ll step back
Hell, can’t lose a body war when I get bad
I tell myself that, and then I hit back
I’m surrounded like the RX in the paraffin
Big head looking in, pass the kerosene
Power lines to nothing, property destructing
Take me again, I’ll tell you when
Tryna dress us bottle-white, side world sterile tight, keeps us feral up at night, kill us in a fucking fight
Fuck your world I decide

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