Stay on point but not on task
No questions ever asked
With the colors of our past
We lack skills to make it last

Find a flight that hasn’t flown
And a path not set in stone
And we think it’s what we own
But everybody knows

Oh we’re on fire
Oh we’re on fire
Come on watch us burn

Oh we’re on fire
Yes we’re on fire
(We’re) burning in the sun

Oh let us burn
Oh let us burn
Burning in the sun

Oh let us burn
Burn like the sun
Every night (alone)

Pull the strings to animate
Play the game as if it’s straight
Up all night but not awake
We all make the same mistake

Seen so many times before
Abandoned on the floor
Independence we adore
But it’s too much of a chore

And you think it’s final
And you think it’s final
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Everybody Knows Lyrics

Should – Everybody Knows Lyrics