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Stop Play'n Lyrics

Shoreline Mafia – Stop Play'n Lyrics

[Verse 1: Fenix Flexin]
Oh, for real, l'il bitch tell me you ain't know
You ain't heard about them niggas servin' lean for the low
L'il nigga, stop playin' you ain't got no poke
Not for real, by any means, I cannot go broke
Why you pull that pistol out, if you not gon' blow
Nigga, hol' up, wait a minute, you do not wanna smoke
Sorry nigga, out my way, so when them nights get low
I ain't trippin' on that bitch, that is not my hoe
They be sippin' by the ounce, then they talk 'bout fours
We will beat you niggas up at our own damn shows
You can't do it like this; you ain't pot no roast
You can't do it like this; you ain't pot no roast

Stop playin'
L'il nigga, stop playin'
Quit playin', lil bitch, stop playin'
L'il bitch, stop playin'
Stop playin', stop playin'

[Verse 2: Fenix Flexin]
Stop playin' with me
L'il bitch, you can't lay up with me
And if you stayin, you ain't stayin for free
I gotta pull up on this nigga, tryin' say he'll beef
I ain't sayin' he a shooter, but I'm sayin' he sweet
I ain't fuckin' with these niggas to be sayin' the least
You the type of nigga try and go and pay for a fee
I'm the type of nigga spendin' paychecks on my feet
I use to fuck a different bitch like every day of the week
I used to pop so many bars I couldn't stand on my feet
I'm on the perky right now, I'm just sayin' I'm deep
Mr roll-up, hol' up, watch your main bitch hoe up
We go-a slower, I-I mean in my pole-a
She dole up, tol' her drugs make a nigga throw up
We smoke her or what, yeah sure I really know, but
You know her, so what, nigga what the fuck you know of
These niggas are right, so I had to switch my flow up

Stop playin'
L'il nigga, stop playin'
L'il bitch, stop playin' (Stop playin', stop playin')
Pussy nigga, stop playin' (Pussy nigga)
Stop playin', bitch nigga (Stop playin')
Stop playin' (What the fuck?)
Bitch nigga (Stop playin')

[Verse 3: Fenix Flexin]
Nino got that Glock on him right now (Glock)
Always bring them pipes out, you niggas better pipe down
I just popped a 30 Perc, a nigga feel it right now
Keep you sippin' dirty dirt, my cup ain't even white now (What?)
Put [?] in the trap, we got the water and the white now (The water)
Wanna do some shit, that's where my mind is, leave it right now
It's torture
When you come on us come with caution, no sauces
Run up on me, you get losses, we bosses

[Verse 4: Ohgeesy]
Stop playin'
I'm sayin'
No nigga, l'il nigga, I be sprayin'
Hoes on my lean and my wrist got a sprain
Bitch you bet who did this, your ass don't get blamed
Just sayin', bitch don't get mad
Your best friend body so low and do the math
I forgot about your ass 'cause I pop a lot of Xans
And, I fucked on that bitch even though she got a man
Stop playin', I ain't feelin' on your hand
Bitch, you a hoe, man I'd rather hold a band
Count money, count digits
Stupid ass nigga, you be countin' on them bitches
Hell, you smoke loud but, I saw you with a midget
Hell, you know the hoes, but your ass stay committed
Hell, you stay fitted, but you got no givenchy
All my niggas go up in your pockets sayin' they was empty

[Outro: Ogheesy]
Stop playin, boy you play too much
Silenced and extended clips, I don't say too much
Stop playin, boy you play too much
Silence this and extended clips, I don't say too much
One of y'all

[Phone Ring]
Hello. Hello
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