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DromeWorld Lyrics

Shoreline Mafia – DromeWorld Lyrics

[Intro: Fenix]
Huh, yeah, hey
Reporting live from DromeWorld, you dig, huh
Shoreline bitch

[Verse 1: Fenix]
Who the competition
Who them niggas in the streets talking what they living
Name a nigga in the game really water whipping
Name a nigga with some fame really moving chickens
I'ma send her draped down in some True Religion
Money counter on the counter, I don't do addition
I just bought a new pole, that's a new addition
Pouring fours with my team, we gon' do addition
Why my bitch keep talking, boy she need to listen
Sneak dissing in the mention, now I'm in his kitchen
What the fuck a nigga mean he ain't really tripping?
I'm a level-headed nigga when I'm on a mission
We gon' do a nigga bad, ain't no optimism
Put a nigga on a shirt, make his mama miss him
We ain't giving any passes to the opposition
Baby girl stay down, you know your position
Real nigga, ten toes, I know my position
I forgot to mention
Why these niggas talking like they got some ism?
How you shooting at a nigga but forgot to hit him?
Quali stacks, molly pills, me and my niggas split 'em
I be rolling rolling rolling
Geeking out my body
Hi-Tech, red lean, pink Quali
Mixing up the medicine, I'm moving like a zombie
You providing evidence, don't want that nigga 'round me
Why you got a pistol, you not tryna catch a body
Glock-22, I'ma tuck it in the Tommys
That's your bitch, I'm finna bend her over off a molly, sorry
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