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Boof'd Out Lyrics

Shoreline Mafia – Boof'd Out Lyrics

[Verse 1: Fenix]
Four-fifth my waist, pull up, do you, no face, no case, damn
Your bitch get face, no time, get up out my space, yeah
She got no taste, you not fuckin', why you come first place?
Damn, Ricky Bobby, first place, young nigga, all gas no brakes
Got a gun, pump fake, pull it, do you, skrrt off, I'm safe, yeah
Quarterback make plays, ship 'em off, touchdown, new state, yeah
Lil bitch wan' date, but I don't do that 'cause my last two fake, yeah
Pussy nigga too fake, jugg a nigga like he had two fakes, yeah
Niggas got two faces, damn
Off-White like I'm racist, damn
Raf Simons my laces, damn
Fenix copped some new Asics, damn
Fuck your bitch, but she basic, damn
I just want the blue faces, damn
She just roll it, I faced it, damn
Bitch fuck is you sayin'? damn
Pull up on the block with the Glock, ayy
I got coke in my socks, and my shoes straight out the box
Pussy nigga we don't box, we send shots, fuck the opps
Hollows make his body flop, that's for talkin' to the cops, damn
I fuck hoes with my bros
All my niggas at my shows, molly geekin', pourin' fours
You would think this shit get old, but it don't, just so you know
Off a deuce, I'm feelin' slow, pop four quarters, that's a whole

[Verse 2: Ohgeesy]
Got a bitch up on my line, yeah, ayy
I cannot serve you a dime, no, way
I cannot let you hit it, you can't hit the blunt
But I can hit it all the time, yeah, fuck it up
I'm a real trapper like I'm Bankroll
Niggas confused with my skin tone
Been caught a case, and I didn't fold
You ain't catch a case 'cause you been told
You got a lotta xans, that's a lil boat
I got a big stick, that's a dildo
Big balls on my shit, extendo
Big balls on this shit, extendo
Got a few young niggas on the payroll
Ready to murk when I say so
Got a cousin named Juan, got a plug named Pedro
All of my niggas 'bout queso
All of my niggas 'bout cheese
She runnin', she screamin' Ohgees
She cryin', she beg on her knees
I popped me the xanny and bean
I might just OD in a dream
I'm rollin' so hard with my team
I get HellaWave off the lean
When I'm on the drug, I'm complete
Chuggin' the lean, can't compete
She suckin' my dick in my sleep
Chuggin' the lean, can't compete
She suckin' my dick in my sleep, yeah
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