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Kony (Intro) Lyrics

ShooterGang Kony – Kony (Intro) Lyrics


I've been geekin' all my life, you niggas geekin' was a phase and I ain't feelin' that
Slide over here and get your ceiling whacked
You can find me in the zoo where the gorillas at
Love the candlelight, but that ain't even where we killed him at, bitch nigga
At Rolling Loud with. 40 cal'
Might catch me a rapper and start performing in the crowd, you know?
Stick talkin'
On Blood Gang, I trip often
Catch a sucker leakin', but only his bitch talkin'
We gon' blam a nigga stupidly long as my wrist knockin'
Niggas know how I'm rockin', for surely, I'm John Stockton
You be woofin' on the gang, when you see me, it ain't no problem
I'm feeling nice today, 'stead of killin' 'em, I should rob 'em, ayy
Gave him twenty, then traded that for the stock
Rock with too many shots just like I'm beggin' for the cops
Doin' somethin' you not make 'em hate me, that's on God
Pull up like a hooper and hit you with four-five, nigga
All I think about murder, let's trade minds
Slangin' irons, main reason your partner be on my Live
Your baby daddy scared of me, he can tell you I'm slime
You rap 'bout all them choppers, them niggas hit you with nines
All the time, we gon' handle niggas if they one of mine
I know a couple shooters that tattle-told in they prime
Heard little brother was snitchin', they wasn't lyin'
But what's crazy, niggas rap about rodents in every line, come on
Give it up for the snitch gang
You do all them push-ups, hit the street, and get zipped, gang
Popped a couple niggas, but it's all in the wrist game, I'm insane
Please don't try me front of these kids, man (On God)
I prefer the Glock over the chop, I like to know who I be shootin' anyway
My nigga right here gon' grab the K
Only shootin' out the whip because we on the interstate
No point in faith, 'cause ain't no shooter finna see them heaven gates
Who got the cold whips and most tricks?
Who got 'em eatin' out his palm? Who got a neck that cost him four bricks?
Who got your baby mama door kicked?
Put a whole thirty in that Glock and let it go until the pole click
Who got the power that say niggas wasn't good?
Who got the ball? Who movin' reckless when he jugg?
Who be the most hated but the never understood?
Who put him on a shirt then went and stumbled out the hood?
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