I've been gone for so damn long
I can't even count the days
All my friends have hit the road
Or pooping off babies

I guess it's time to settle down
And govern my life for more ladies
It makes no sense to trade an old clunker
For the keys to my Mercedes

But I'm always in the wrong place
Honey at the right time
Always someone waiting around
With a smile or just the right line
If I can ever keep it together
For more than an hour or two
I will spend a little less time on me
And a little more on you

Well you know I love
The way you move
You like a tiger
Circling her pray

And I'm like a wolf
Know when it's time
For me to hunt
When it's time for me to play

Lord forbid
You should turn me loose
To that honky tonk wild again

I'll sniff you out
And show you what good
A honky tonk loving can do


A little less time on me
And a little more on you
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Time Management 101 Lyrics

Shooter Jennings – Time Management 101 Lyrics