Hey, look, uh!
I said this bottle of Henney got me ready
Baby, open your ears!
This life ain't what it seems, don't get close to your peers!
Selling crack in '09 we've been... For years
I'm finally at a spot that I've been hoping for years.
See, I didn't came up, never was patient, needed payments
Sign of victory on my clothes, check the fragrance!
Momma told me, hold on to yours, don't let 'em take it!
Pops told me, if you catch 'em slipping, better take it now!
You see... I hardly understood now
... Had a Benz, he was always in the hood
Fascinated by the favorites, trying to read my mind around
How to be a star when my side of town called 45?
I seek for advise, I'm trying to be 45 when you came alive
Imagine how he...
When his daddy got pot, he came back
Got some... The same like angels watch
I'm in the city doing numbers you ain't never heard of
And all you ever worried about is that murder
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Enter Loot Lyrics

Shome – Enter Loot Lyrics