Like the girl on the cover of rolling stone
Her huge breasts...
Or in between?
Splattered everywhere
They're growing, take cover!
Cosmo grl
Rolling stone
I saw them all at the dentist where they
Turned me inside out with
The teeth are always naked
But only because it'd be impossible to cover them up and still
Eat and
Talk but
What's this invention we call "clothing"?
Same as
Same as
Same as
There's two sides to every story, except one is covered up
By "clothing"
And what is naked?
Are we ever really naked?
Undressed in clothing, but
Still sporting our latest
Obsessions and preconceptions
Naked is just a
Figure of speech
It's not true to life, it's inaccurate
You are not naked
You are all dressed up by my mind
I wanna look better naked
But what's best about better
And who decides?
I think I decide
But my mind's been preconditioned
Molded by the hands that drag the arrows across the computer screen
To delete all the fat, ugly imperfections of the girl on the magazine cover
She is naked
She is always naked in my eyes
But she is not a girl
Standing there
Hips to one side
Cleavage bursting
Hair blowing in the wind
I'm frustrated by yr apathy
I wanna
Scream that I wanna look like that
To be like that
It'd be so nice, but
So are the cookies
The sugar put the holes in my teeth and the rolls on my belly
My hair is falling out
My chins are multiplying
I am not a girl
The same way she is not a girl
The same way no one is a "GIRL"
But "no one" is not an easy target market
So they tell us
This is a girl
Well, fuck it
Don't believe their hype
I wish I could believe not to believe it myself, but it's
Bigger than me
Bigger than the industry
Bigger than the world
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Naked Lyrics

Shiragirl – Naked Lyrics