The sunset drains while the figure fades
As black invades the dying day
Legions of light outflanked by the night
Shadows seduce all things in sight
Isolation is my curse
Haunted by evils flirt
All virtues in reverse
Alone at night it only gets worse
The raven spreads it's wings out wide
Arousing the beast huddled inside
The cyclops stares down with it's eye
Dark sides awakened by the moonlight
A tragic flaw for being to have
As it starts to show me what I really am
Shattered inside, I'm crumbling
From the desolation and desperation
Spelled out in the constellation
Cosmic teeth tear me apart
See my downfall star to star
Swarms of arrows dart and pierce
Stabbing more than just my heel
I bleed not blood onto the dirt
Instead guilt leaks out on the earth
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Erebos Lyrics

Shipwreck A.D. – Erebos Lyrics