I can't breathe from this lump in my throat that you've given me.
Sometimes I wish that I could fall asleep and never wake up
To make this all go away.
But I know I won't, I know it won't.

I don't know what to say.
Everything changed so fast, I can't keep up.
I'm lost in all of those words that could not escape my lips
That would've made you stay.

I can't live with this hole in my chest that won't seem to mend.
It's killing me. Every ounce of air I hold in my lungs,
I would give it all to you.
Just to touch your face, to touch your face.

I'll fall asleep tonight and pray that I won't wake, no.
It's not worth living without you.
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When Words Aren't Enough Lyrics

Shindig – When Words Aren't Enough Lyrics