Nothing we had gets taken away
Might learn the value of it someday,

Everything left gets in the way
Destructs and disrupts and then leads us astray,

It's simple or should be now
Happy the unspoken vow,

Wind blow me I know we've done our best, follow the road, follow

Leave all we have, time for something new
With each town we meet, keep on passing through

And each time you reach on, or feel distressed,  
Think of me heading west

Why not leave now, deep in July
August flies quickly, watch it fly by

Pick up your bags, don't close the door,
I'm right behind you, if not before

It's over or should be now
We've gone through why, gone through how

You know me, I know we done our best
Follow the road, feeling truly blessed

Turn off the past, dim the lights, explore
Let's all set sail, then get washed ashore

With each step get closer and finally rest
Think of me heading west
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Heading West Lyrics

Sheytoons – Heading West Lyrics

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