Watch out rain, I’m coming for you
Your ratings have something new
It's time to learn all about crime
So bob costas, here comes mine
It’s hard to see sometimes
Your eyes just wash over me

So nbc why do you hate me?
I don’t know but it’s all that I can do
Why won’t you find someone new
To fill your waves with?

So bob costas, he’s our money man
You’ve taken my friends and family
I’ve seen you now behind all closed doors
I feel you as you seep out through my pores
Sometimes rain, sometimes shine
They come for me when you’re around

Nbc why do you hate me?
I don’t know but it makes the day go by
Oh god how they fly
Get the fuck up!

I’m sick of your shit, brian williams
Wipe the look off your face bob costas

So nbc, why can’t you see
You come for me when I’m not around
Bob costas, I will not submit
He’ll come for me
And one day I will fall
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Bob Costas Lyrics

Shemp – Bob Costas Lyrics