I like you...
You like me, to...
They like, us...
Their our, friends...
I'm trying to find, what I've been looking for...
And you know it's you...
And you know it's you...
Your exactly what I want, and what I need.
And I'm exactly what you want, oh.
I liked you since the first day we met,
When I looked in your eyes. Yeah.

I like you.
You like me.
That's exactly why I look in your eyes.
And you look back in mine.
What do you see me.
I like you.
You like me.
That's why people should just let us be.
I like you. Yeah, oh.
I Like you. Yeah.

I really like your smile,
I really like your eyes,
What do you like about me. Is it my smile,
Is it my eyes.
Is it what's inside of me,
My personality.


I like you.
You like me, to.
They like, us.
Were together at last.
I'm tryin to find.
Myself in your life.
I'm trying to be, good enough for you... Yeahhh
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I Like You Lyrics

Shelbi Aggas – I Like You Lyrics