D-Block, ten hut, shoot
My street niggaz, are you ready?
Less more

I'ma Ryder, clap off hop in a divider
Keep the car in neutral, let it roll back
Big A. K. Tied to the ski rack
Brick a 100 pack

Sold off sheet rock
2 guns up, bitch, that's D-Block
My flow pretty like a peacock
My nigga locked up, but yeah, they still on P c***

Too dangerous, me an' my nigga Kiss
Shine more than the stones on babies wrist
The fifth jump like double dutch in the hood
I'm 'bout to blow, fuck knockin' on wood

'Coz if I don't, I'ma knock on the glass of your 600
None of y'all want it
An' I don't mean track an' field when I ask you to run it
I'm nice as fuck, I love to buck
Tuck it in before your ass get stucked, motherfuckers

Fall in, fall in
Aim, fire

Don't ever ask me about what's his name, fuck him, he whack
Should wear a condom in the booth because I be fuckin' the track
Not be in the hood a lot, so I be duckin' the rats
The white tee is 4X 'coz I be tuckin' my gat

Take my shit off an' knuckle up, it's nothing with scraps
That's how it usually happen to a nigga who front an' get clapped
Louch an' Kiss, y'all niggaz don't want none with that
P probably workin' out, doin' stomach an' back

One in your chest, the other 16 in your hat
Left forensics tryin' to figure out the meanin' to that
They robbed you before so you know what it meaned to get yaked
An' you a bitch, so you know what it mean to get slapped

We can shoot it out everyday, an hour of slugs
I'm in the Coupe, knockin' to Luther 'The Power Of Love'
Nigga, you can feel the heat for yourself an' you can hate all you want
But the music gonna speak for itself, what?

Hold fire, hold fire
Startin' runnin', startin' retreatin'
Fuck it, fire again

Leave niggaz broken up, ox 'em down, wait for them to yell
An' see they skin open up
A nice guy but I'm evil an' I hurt you
Anybody that you ever seen me would've merked you

An' I get my money off the diesel an' the purple
'Coz these industry niggaz'll easily desert you
Feels good to talk with my nigga
D-Block, you know what time it is, baby walk wit my nigga

Stop talkin', lil' niggaz, for y'all ass get stomped
Yeah, we mans an' all that but y'all really our comp
An' I'm on my A game, was on B too long
Stepped it up, 16s crazy strong

Every hood bump Sheek now
In the house, in the whip, in the summer
Head better with the top down
We can get it on or we can let it off
After doin' it in the yard up north, bitch
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Ten Hut Lyrics

Sheek Louch Feat. Jadakiss – Ten Hut Lyrics

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