Wait and see what it's all about
Never fear was it really in doubt
Watch the tears from the garden flow
Poison rivers into flowers they grow

Mirror shines in a world of hate
See the reflection and you know it's too late
Am I a fool to believe in man?
Take tomorrow I just do what I can.

Is it true that the things they say
Never make a difference anyway?
Angry words set to fuel the fire
Loves affliction feeding endless desire

Say come on is it really time
Give back the world cause you know it ain't mine
I'd like to see what the
Daylight brings tomorrow

I used to think that I'd be all right
What's in the cards?
Hey you know I just might
Only you can see the things I see yeah

You're racing on to the light itself
Hang your heart upon a shelf
Give to me the things
You'd like to know

You see it all gets in your mind
Close your eyes and you
Know what you'll find
Could it be there's something past the dark glow?
Oh you'll know.
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Next Exit To Vertigo Lyrics

Sheavy – Next Exit To Vertigo Lyrics