It's Sheady again,
Ybw like Y'all know me,
You know a lotta people wanna know what
Ybw mean,
They wanna know what I'v been up to,
& if you guyz has been expecting this,
You gotta Listen... Hehe listen,
Yea Let's Gooo
You wanna know who I am,
(I am Young But Wild)
Real niggaz Wanna Know me, wanna know
Who I am,
(I am Young But Wild)
I'm Sheady and you really wanna know who I am
(I am Young But Wild)
I do things that makes you wanna know who I am
(I am Young But Wild)
I feel bold I feel strong that,
No one can push me to the wall,
I feel cool I feel good
I feel beter like never before,
I never tried to be like them,
Determined to be my self,
They tempts but I don't see them,
Cos I don't really give a damn,
Thank God I got good friends then,
Now I can never deny them,
Though some wants me going down,
I got foes I know my friends,
Wild because wanna be Sheady,
Thank God that people wants me,
Am about to start living my dream,
Young But Wild got people know me,
Am so fly and am so proud about the hood
That I belong,
Young But Wild now living wild,
Doing things I know I can,
Am just wild now because I know am wiser
Than before.
*[Repeat Chorus]*
When I mean am Young But Wild not that
Wildness you might be thinking, am Young &
Am also Wild dosen't mean Sheady as started
But my wildness is for greatness, I can fight
For my self,
I got the boldness, I believe in myself,
I can do things you know what I mean, I need no
Body's help,
My wildness got me moving and no one can
Stop me (yea),
So tell me why I ain't gonna care for the hood
That I belong,
Young But Wild now living Wild, doing things I
Know I can,
Look at me now you gonna see am wiser than
**[Repeat Chorus]**
Yeah dats how it goes,
Dats ybw you wanna know,
Now I gotta thank y'all for loving me,
For putting your trust in me,
For believing in Sheady,
I thank you for the motivation,
Thanks for loving my music,
Thanks 4 supporting ma career,
But am still coming soon!
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Young But Wild Lyrics

Sheady – Young But Wild Lyrics

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