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Positive Drug Story Lyrics

Shaun Gambowl Walsh & The Plagiarists – Positive Drug Story Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Almost as Kirk's finished making the call,
There's a very distinctive knock at our front door,
A cheer erupts around our living room,
In this little bag lyes hours of joy and doom.

Things start to feel fuzzy, I float off in a bubble,
Getting higher and higher, I could well be in trouble,
The bubble pops and I start to drift,
But I'm caught in a lasso by Jimi Hendrix.

We drift off into space pinballing off planets,
Running naked through strawberry fields of electro magnets,
Alittle game of golf with an alien on neptune,
Whats this I hear in the background, what a f**king tune!

[Verse 2]

Feels like everything's just been enhanced by Nick and Sam's playlist,
The Who, Kasabian and now the Flaming Lips,
Now I'm slipping in and out of the best f**king trips,
At one point I even thought I was a breadstick.

Things turn 2D now we're in a cartoon,
We're with Tom and Jerry and we're sat on the moon,
I'm building a rollercoaster with my own mind,
I've just built a theme park in space just to pass the time.

Glen's having a bad trip, I ask him what it's about,
He said he can't begin to explain what he's seen and felt,
I tell him he's gotta make the most of this extravagancy,
Coz in an hours time it'll be back to normality!
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