I've been watching you from afar
In the cool dark night driving in my car
I ain't too sure you got nothing to fear
Baby let me whisper in your ear
Lady of the night, Looking oh so tight
Come on over here, Make me feel alright
It's alright! Yeah... Ohhhhhh!
Yeah... Ohhhhhh!
Lady on the street, Looking oh so sweet
You're my midnight treat, Climb in my backseat
So... I... Can show you... The kind of man I am
Yeah... Ohhhhhh!
Now I see you looking at me
The hunter is now the hunted it's plain to see
I can feel the chill running cold and black
As you dig your heels into my back!
Is it infatuation? What is this new sensation?
You got me in your sights and now I'm coming for you
Lady of the night, Make me feel alright
Come on over here, Whisper in my ear
Yeah... Ohhhhhh! (ad lib and Fade)
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Lady Of The Night Lyrics

Shattervox – Lady Of The Night Lyrics