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One And One Lyrics

Sharyn Maceren – One And One Lyrics

I see him there
Watching from the dance floor and
He's lookin' fine
All the girls stare but I promise
He'll be mine
All I really need is just
A little more time
Verse ii
But he will come
Any second just before the
Night is done
'Cause he can tell the way I'm dancin'
We'll have fun
From the time we meet until we
See the sun
I want him to know
That this ain't a show
No, I will teach him a lesson
One and One
Together it all adds up to you and me
Don't sit and watch like I'm a fantasy
I'm really here
So come and dance with me
One and One
Together it all adds up to you and me
I can't stand watching you just
Watching me
Don't you think it's time you come and
Dance with me
Verse iii
I see him walk
Over to me 'cause he finally wants to talk
He asks me if I'll dance with him 'til
2 O'clock
I hold his hand and I can hear
My heart unlock
Verse iv
I guess he saw
Everytime I smiled and tried to
Look over
That I was hinting we should
Get together
I'm so glad he realized what I tried
To do
Pre-Chorus ii
But more than that
I'm just so glad
I could teach him the lesson
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