When you look into her silence you will find a little creek
The water trickles on the opals and the pebbles comfort her feet
The forest trees chant melodies of bright ancestral songs
She smiles to herself pleasantly, in that place, where she belongs
Inward sings the sparrow dedicated and carefree
Here you have solved all else this your discovery
The velvet air breath speeches precious words that must be said
The message is clear, sincere, simple, and so her mind is fed
Enter with discipline renders the buttercup guarded by her bitter beauty
Your utopia is vulnerable, beware, this your duty
Render to us your motherly urge, to encourage and to care
Women of great ability speak, while they're here
An excursion to this place of hers, ordered by her temperament
Is like a temple she built meticulously with love her only sentiment
Telepathy, soul, nature, a forth a sixth sense
This forms the composure of her temperance
This delicate reflection is the strength of her forbearing
This in all it's magnificence, is the euphony we're hearing
How did it internalize, this blessedness, haphazardly?
Tuneful are those notes, and chords and all those living harmonies
Promptly urging the childish clouds happy as they gaze
To send a few drops of secrets, this their gift, her praise,
In this her backdrop, a picturesque location of content
With love, bliss, without malice, this the place she's sent
A freedom, so far away from scientific measures
There is stored her life, her dreams
In all it's earthly treasures.
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Selah Lyrics

Sharon Musgrave – Selah Lyrics