(Mdbb) I'm drinkin way too many things
I'm thinkin about too many things
Trynna figure out how I'm gon make it out this dream
(On the count of 3) Please turn up for me
(Kidd Juice) Blurry eyes I'm gon can't pick up my phone
Purple in that cup that's goin str8 back to the dome
Aint no tellin I'm gone for long fasho I'm stuck in my zone
Tragedy says that I'm failin to meet all the standards I set in my home

(Verse/Kidd Juice)
I dress like I'm possessed silk all on my chest
Versace my shirt and my chest Pen and a pad take a test
Ni*ga feelin silly take a hit and made a milli I was drinkin out
The bottle flippin dough like I'm in philly Yo girl at the party she
Off of the molly my ni*gas stay posted the team gettin narly
Mean ass ni*ga wit a bad ass girl lickin dope all on the table
Homocidal kill the world lil ni*ga pull the trigga now he sweeter
Than manilla... Figure out who reala see I'm hangin wit a killa
What have I done to the beat (um) Shark and I'm cleanin the
Street(Um!) Yo girl is clearly a freak(Um!!!) That booty softer
Than fleece(splash) I mean tho lets mingle to naked women and they
Playin bingo anyway you see it ni*ga stickin to the Gcode lookin at the
Money while you lookin through the peep hole Yall sleep tho on the team
Tho plug out in china ni*ga named J-no all of my ni*gas is sellin a verse
What happened and playin the game like its bingo
Sharkgang ni*ga gettin rich in a month J-flex sellin molly bricks
Out the trunk... Whip game so incredible I'm whippin up the V
Every ni*ga out here on the wagon with the team


G-ish you kno I gotta turn up flo so hot you come around
You burn up... Ok money rite you kno its time to turn up
Damn why deez haterz think that they so dern tough
Versace Versace yo girl say she like me loud pack in my
Body so we came to party…Blowin that dirt up loud we be turnt
So loud that the knob broke from uppin the volume You can run up if
My ni*gas allow it acrobatic money do flips in my pocket Ni*gas is thinkin
They hard and they it I'm all about green but you boys needa stop it
Ooh and it goes down Yea boy it goes down swea yo girl on you but she
On me when I'm around drinkin still not thinkin stackin money like
I'm bankin all this money that I'm makin all yall haterz see we made it


Ready to make a move keep it on the cool risen to the top in
The sky like the moon Feet down and my head high I been in yo
Head like a red eye suit me up like shirt and tie choosin the one and I'm
That guy
Scientific I'm bill nye Crossin up ni*gas like ai we poppin up like a sty
Now on us they rely ... Now I got to pull a trick flaming up just like a bic when I'm gone don't reminisce refreshed from my lyrics just like a brick Thumbin through a check haterz break a sweat while I break a check that I probably got from a bet but I keep fam over money and God over fam sgog a standin army name me Uncle Sam (D3!)
Hook 2XS
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Cryptonite Lyrics

SharkGang – Cryptonite Lyrics

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