You swept me off my feet
You were so strong,
And I's so weak
You built me up
From pallid plane
To peak

We drove for miles around
With lefts and rights
With ups and downs
We felt so old
But we knew
That we were young

The glass grew tall and lean
We tossed the trash
We worked, we cleaned,
We rolled around in
Dying trampolines

And then you got upset
You clenched your fists
Your face turned red
You puckered up your lips
And you turned your head

The climb was so much steeper
Than the ground beneath our feet
When trouble came around
We'd just get right up
And leave

But you stood up
And I sat down
You sang your prayers
And I wrote poems
I waited for you to come
But you took too long
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The Climb Lyrics

Shantanu Pandit – The Climb Lyrics