She ought to be in high school
Not at the laundry matt
Counting all her quarters
With a baby on her lap

One night of temptation
Passion and cheap wine
Well, it changes everything
And that's how she became
Mommy all the time

Daddy called her princess
Pretty as they come
Her momma called her angel
Cause she was good as anyone

Her boyfriend convinced her
To finally cross that line
And now this single mom
Who should've been queen of the prom, is
Mommy all the time

She was gonna be an actress
See her name in lights
And when she won her oscar
She'd thank everyone that night

But now she's changing diapers
And singing nursery rhymes
And her baby is the star
She plays the hardest part
Mommy all the time

She got home from the diner
And she could barely move her legs
With a world upon her shoulders
She puts her three year old to bed

And tonight she felt so lonely
That she couldn't keep from crying
But the child opend her eyes
And made everthing alright, said I love
Mommy all the time
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Mommy All The Time Lyrics

Shannon Walker – Mommy All The Time Lyrics