Rain keeps on coming down tonight
Clouds won't give up without a fight
And now the trees are swaying
And ooh the weather's saying
Just stay inside and don't come out again
But I'm standing tall and no I will not bend

Washed water pulling up those roots
I feel it soakin' through my shoes
But I will keep on walking
I hear my mamma talking
Wonder what she's got cooking home tonight
When I make it home, I know I'll be alright
Gotta make it home

Singing in the air, now you can hear it
Open up inside, and you can feel it
Sorrow and your pain, why do you wield it
In those tired hands

The river looks like it might flood
Trousers all covered up in mud
But oh the rain feels good now
And I'm not quite sure how
One thing I know is that when it's my time to go
Won't be wasting days, a waiting on the sun
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Waitin' On The Sun Lyrics

Shannon McArthur – Waitin' On The Sun Lyrics