He's sitting right across from me
You're looking over casually
So I'm pretending not to see
You're trying to get his attention
So I decide to keep my cool
Don't wanna cause a scene
But you're out here on a mission
To be in my position

1 - Girl I know you need a man
I could never understand
Why would you play yourself?
Making it easier for any man to
Wanna take you home
Make him wanna do me wrong
But he's not leaving me
You need to forget it
Go and find yourself a man

Now tell me why you'd wanna be
The one he'd have to creep to see
You know that he's here with me
So tell me what's your intention
I've never been the jealous type
And I won't be the fool tonight
I don't wanna have to act un-ladylike, oh

Repeat 1

I know it's hard for you to see
Any man you take, can be taken from you
Is that the place you wanna be?
Any hearts you break
Your heart can be broken too
Now tell me how would you feel?
If you were in my shoes
And I tried to do that to you

Repeat 1 till end
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You Need A Man Lyrics

Shanice – You Need A Man Lyrics

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