There was Zombi, there was Chino
There was Jimmy and Chiarakaparos
We agreed to split the stuff up at a
Mexican funeral in Paris
Don Alvaro Jose Sanchez bathed in holy water
Said a lovely good-bye to his lovely daughters
To his sons and to the killers
The killers with no names
A scar, tattoo, a blood line scorned
Revenge the only game!
Father Mcgreer arrived with the gear
Had a chat and a bit of a smoke
He initiated us into The Church of the Holy Spook
He said "Death will follow anywhere
Until it's found it's plan"
Then he laughed and said good-bye and said
"Stay lucky while you can!"
Machine gun fire split the silent softness of the day
Five wetback jerks in tuxes got fucking blown away
I walked into a bar so fucking stoned,
I thought I was Chiarakaparos
First time I've been, maybe not the last
To a Mexican funeral in Paris
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A Mexican Funeral In Paris Lyrics

Shane MacGowan And The Popes – A Mexican Funeral In Paris Lyrics