Closer, closer, closer, closer.

I would like to see you in another way.
Friendship is fine.
But passion's got to have it's day,
For you and I.

I've been abiding my time.
Warming up to your heart.
At last, I've broken the ice.
Soon our emotions will provide the common ground,
Then it's all about the loving, baby.

I'm and I gettin' (closer).
Closer to your lovin' (closer).
Ooh, that's right (closer).
Closer to the lovin', baby (closer).

I, I get this feeling then there's something real taking over me.
Ii know you think that you should call and make me want to deal.

I'm well aware of distraction,
The emotion,
The tug of war
Hey girl, between s** and love.
Although I may fear rejection,
I yearn for our connection.
And I bettin' my bottom dollar baby,

We're gettin' (closer).
Closer to the lovin' (closer).
You and I, that's right (closer).
Closer to the lovin' oh ooh (closer).

I like it when you're next to me baby.
I can be good to you baby.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ain't nothin wrong if love is right, c'mon.
That's what you feel, my love is real, so c'mon, c'mon.

Got to get closer to your sweet love.
Oh little girl, I long for your tender kiss.
I got to get next to you.

I'm here when your ready.
Girl, you won't regret it.
We ought to be making love.
And you know the time is right for love.

C'mon girl let's get just a little bit closer, yeah (closer).
Closer to the lovin' (closer).
That's right (closer).
Said it's all about the lovin' (closer)
Give it to me baby, hey (closer).
Closer, closer (closer).
Girl you're growing on me, yeah (closer).
I got to get (closer).

I like it when you're next to me baby.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Close, closer.
Ooh, baby.
Tease me, baby (closer).
Closer to your lovin' (closer).
Feels so right just you and me tonight (closer).
Closer to your lovin' (closer).
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Closer Lyrics

Shalamar – Closer Lyrics

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