You bit the apple
And rejected Paradise,
Condemed a serpent...
When is was you that made it that way
For milleniums and milleniums.
You remained nude
And you came across dinosaurs
Under a roof and without shield.
And now you're here...
Wanting to be happy...
When you're destiny meant squat to you...
You belonged to an ancient race
Of bare feet and white dreams.
Dust to dust... You are dust
Thinking iron alwys softens to heat.

You constructed an exact world
Of perfect endings.
Every little thing calculated..
In it's space and time...
I, being a complete chaos..
The entries and exits
The names and sizes...
Don't fit in my brains
And now you're here
Wanting to be happy
When you destiny meant squat to you.
(Repeat Chorus)

Greet the neighbor,
Sleep an hour,
Work everyday...
To live in Life...
Answering only that
And feeling only this
And may God spare us of bad thoughts,
Fullfill our duties,
Attend college.
What would the family say
If you were a failure?
Always wear shoes,
Keep it down at the dinner table,
Wear hosiery to evening events
And a tie to parties.
Women always marry before 30.
If not they clothe saints.
Even if you didn't want it like that.
And to a quincenera...
It's best not to forget
A fine champagne...
And to waltz your best
Waltz your best
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Piez Descalzos, Suenos Blancos (bare Feet, White Dreams) Lyrics

Shakira – Piez Descalzos, Suenos Blancos (bare Feet, White Dreams) Lyrics